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    Creative Cloud constantly signing in

    NaviB2 Level 2

      Hi there. I am an Adobe Creative Cloud user and also an Adobe BC partner.


      Why does Adobe BC and Adobe Creative Cloud constantly require me to sign in when using things in Creative Cloud?

      Why does Adobe BC sign me out of the back end of a site if I update the site using Dreamweaver and vice versa?


      I update CC widget regularly and the constant signing in requirment has happened consistently over the last two years or so - ever since Creative Cloud started.


      So on a typical work day I do the following:


      Sign in to the BC partner portal.

      Pick a client website.

      Sign in to the client website. (why can't my signin to BC Partner portal be remembered?)

      Open Dreamweaver to do some work on the template. Sign in to DW.

      Go to the back end of the client site. Sign in again, as I was using DW and that signed me out of the back end of the BC site.

      Look at a PDF the client wants me to upload to the site. Sign in to Adobe PDF to view PDF.

      Open Photoshop to work on an image for the client. Sign in to Photoshop.

      Go back to DW to upload image. Sign in to DW as I was in the back end of the BC site before, so I was signed out of DW.

      Go into the back end of the BC site to add image to a page. I have to sign in. (again) Because I was using DW before.


      And so it goes, all day. Round in circles. I can sign in around 10 or so times on a typical website job depending on what Adobe software I am using.


      This is very tedious and I hope a good solution to this can be found soon.