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    Pay vendors online

      We're working on a site where we're going to be accepting checks and credit cards. My boss is now asking if it's possible to pay our vendors, using eChecks maybe, through the website. We keep track of our invoices on the website, so he's wordering if instead of mailing them a check we can just pay them all electronically. Not sure if this is possible, anyone ever try anything like this?
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          JulioP. wrote:
          > Not sure if this is possible, anyone ever try anything like
          > this?

          It's possible, but it is not something *you* are going to create. It is
          something that you would use because it is set up by somebody you do
          business with. Either directly or indirectly.

          For example, if you work with a vendor that accepts PayPal, (weird but
          possible, I guess) then you are good to go.

          More likely you would work with some type of bill pay service that acts
          as an intermediary, many banks offer this service at least for personal

          I can go to my bank's website and pay anybody in the world. The bank,
          through the bill pay service they contract with for their customers,
          will then work with these payees and either transfer the funds
          electronically or cut a check and mail it on my behalf. Depending on
          what the payee is set up to handle.