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    "HowTo" with PE 14.1 / Cropping Overlays


      Another "HowTo" question - using PE14.1 on a WIN7 PC system.


      I believe that some months ago I actually managed to achieve what I'm now trying to do (on another project with PE 13.1) but cannot remember/fathom out how to do it now.


      See the following:



      On the timeline in video 1 I have the main content & I have added a second clip to video 2.

      I know I can select the clip (as shown) and resize it by clicking in the preview, placing the cursor on one of the corners and moving cursor to resize that clip.

      I can also move the clip around thus relocating it on top of video 1.


      But what I want to do in this case is to only have part of the video 2 clip (i.e. crop it) just using the part within that red rectangle I have superimposed.

      I would then go onto resizing & relocating it.


      All ideas gratefully received.