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    issues Importing duplicates

    Nick coombs

      Hi, I have come across an issue that I have suffered with before and again after a trip away.

      On a resent trip I took my laptop and after a days shooting I would import my images in to a new catalog and the next day I would import these images into the same catalog and so on all worked fine, on my last day I would carryon shooting but would not import these images until I got back home and unpacked. The new images and the catalog, once home I would export to a Portable drive, connect this to my main machine and import these into my main catalog via the import from a catalog option in the menu.


      I would then then try and import the last days images into my Main catalogue and to the same location on the HD that I had used when importing from a catalogue. when doing so the import option would try and import the complete file set and not just the images that where not in the catalogue, even if I tick do not import duplicates, the images that where already on the HD would remain but it'd duplicate file would have a -2 after its name.


      Is this a bug or a feature that I am not understanding and how to get around this other than importing all images in to the temporary catalogue on the laptop and then importing this in to my main catalogue.


      Hope I have made my self clear with this.



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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I’m not sure if this is by design. The catalog import will establish the specific folder(s) from the temporary catalog. If you then wish to copy from card I guess LR may treat this as intentional. Clearly the addition of the 2 suffix indicates some recognition; so it seems unexplainable other than the initial copying on earlier days was to a different catalog.  I do use a travel catalog but for the entire trip, before combining with my master catalog.

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            Nick coombs Level 1

            Hi I am also thinking that it may be to do with the the way I imported to a temporary Catalog then imported this temp Cat to my main cat, and then when importing any images that where not imported in to the Temp Cat, that because the location has changed that it see's all images as new and tries to import all images again and add's a 2 suffix to some, what I can't understand is how the Duplicate option works, because clearly the images have the same name, date stamp and exif data, and the content has not changed, but it still imports these images...


            My only option I can think of for now is to allow the imported to import all files again and as I know that duplicate file names will have a 2 suffix, is to do a custom filter to show only file with the suffix and mark these and delete them.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Can you not simply deselct all in the import dialog; and then use shift-click to selct just those items from the last days shoot?