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    find and replace superscript in indesign


      Hello everyone,


      I have a 40 pages Indesign document that I will export to html format. In text, there is tons of superscript at the end of sentences that refers to some references on footpages. (bla bla bla1. or sometimes2,3,4.).


      When I  export to html, I get <p>bla bla bla1.</p> or <p>sometimes2,3,4.</p>. I need to find all superscript set in Indesign and replace them (maybe with a GREP command) with a Character style named "exponent" and this will setup a tag <sup> (this I know how to do it).


      I know it is possible, I've done a find and replace (or GREP) especially for this before but now that my computer is dead , I've lost everything even my memory for how to do this.


      Is anyone can help me with this ?