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    Lightroom Crash. Different issues.




      I'm using the 6.0 version because I can't use any other version because it crashes in the first window. I'm using Apple Macbook Pro 15-inch 2,6 IntelCore i7 8GBRAM

      -In the 6.0 version it crash when I try to import some photo that are in the desktop, for exemple. Only import well if the photo is in the image folder.

      -When I try to do a SlideShow it crashes.

      -When I click in the Projection Tab, it crashes.


      I think that is very embarrassing that I can't use fully an application that costs to my 133€. I can't install the latest version because it crashes from the beginning. And the version that I can use is only middle-fully.


      I need a fastly solution. Because I have paid for a entire and fully application that have to work.