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      is it possible to see the numbers with zero in front like 00 01 02 03 (comb with 2 characters)

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, but then you have to define the field's Format as None.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            Use either a format type of arbitrary mask (e.g., 99) or you could create a custom keystroke/format JavaScript if the arbitrary mask option doesn't behave exactly as you want.

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Create the form field.

              Appearance add border of choice.

              Options select "Comb" set size to 2.

              Format custom Format Script:


              event.value = util.printf("%,102.0f", event.value);


              Custom Keystroke script:


              if(event.willCommit == false) {

              event.rc = isNaN(event.change) == false;





              if(isNaN(event.value) == true) app.alert("Please enter a numeric value", 1, 0);




              Test the field in Preview.

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                klothos Level 1

                i made this

                var t1 = Number(this.getField("Textfield221").value);



                if (event.value>=1 && event.value<=98 && t1>=1 && t1<=7) this.getField("08").setFocus();var t1 = Number(this.getField("Textfield221").value);



                if (event.value=="00" && t2=="0") this.getField("Textfield231").setFocus();

                and as you told me i  choose format category None

                and it works


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                  klothos Level 1

                  hello i follow all your format steps and i run this this custom validation script

                  if(event.value=="0")this.getField("Textfield221").setFocus();if(event.value>"0")this.getFi eld("Textfield215").setFocus();if(isNaN(event.value) == true) app.alert("Please enter a numeric value", 1, 0);

                  it works when i type on "0" but then it is strange that i can not clear it.Always 00 apear.


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                    gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    I do not have that problem as long as I delete one or both digits.