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    Adobe Animate scrolling text box

    Scorpio Jack Level 1

      I need to create a scrolling text box in adobe animate. a LOT of text needs to be placed into a square barely 150 x 150 pixels wide and deep, so the user will have to scroll to read it. This is very simple yet the Adobe instructions are rather convoluted and I can't get the "Scrollable" menu item to turn active.


      Can someone please help!?


      Thanks, Jack

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          Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

          Hi Jack,

          There's no built in support for scroll-able textbox or a textarea component for HTML5 Canvas doctypes in Animate.

          So, it'll involve a bit of work to emulate it in the way you wish.

          One way to set this up is by using Static Text with masking applied on it, and coded to be controlled by a scroller symbol.

          Another way is - using DOMElements - which allows linking of any HTML tag/component with your canvas based animation published via Animate. An HTML textarea with fixed width/height set as DOMElement  can be overlay-ed on top of the canvas.


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            ninasuperpina Level 1

            Hi Nipun,


            Could you maybe elaborate a bit more on how to do that? What are the actions to take? I have little experience with coding.. Is this possible with the action panel ?


            I hope to hear from you!