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    AE Crashing on file open/import. LAGGING / PREVIEW BLACK


      Im animating a 1920 x 1080 px photoshop file with multiple layers, a few days ago everything was fine, i was animating in AE with the file. As of yesterday, every time i open/import the file into AE CC (latest update)


      - it opens the project way slower than usual

      - crashes at 90% or opens and then doesnt respond or responds at the slowest rate and then crashes

      - VERY VERY slow preview even on quarter resolution when it does open

      I also created a new composition and imported the file, it was still slow

      I am using an external HD as a scratch disk for AE which has 90gb free, I have been using this for a while also and it has been fine. I changed the scratch disk location to the Internal to see if that was the case. I only have 12gb storage free so allocated 10gb, still slow.

      Re made the file from scratch and also tried opening ae on a friends laptop and same issue......?

      Set up info;
      MacBook Pro Retina // 8GB Ram // Intel Iiris 1536 MB // 2.6 GHz i5 (LATEST UPDATE)