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    poor quality video


      Is there anyway to fix poor quality video, i'm using a 480p video, and it looks very dull, and blurry! Thanks

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are tons of things you can do, but it really varies based on what your footage looks like. Could you post a frame grab or the whole video?

          Are you planning to output it as a different resolution?

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Most likely problems:

            1. 480 P is usually non square pixels and almost every playback current playback device is square pixels so you may be using the wrong frame size and PAR
            2. You have created custom settings for rendering and they are not optimized for playback or quality
            3. 480 is awfully tiny and is not going to look good on a mobile device, computer monitor or TV
            4. You are new to video and do not understand compression, frame size, video standards.

            Without details and knowing exactly what you are doing we can't tell. I have not done a single project in the last 4 years that was not mastered at 1920 X 1080 because nobody wants to look at anything smaller and every device made in the last few years will easily play back HD video. The only exception that is smaller than HD is for very specific applications like digital signage. From now forward at least half of my projects will be 4K. You should be thinking about doing the same unless you have a specific application for the smaller frame sizes.

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              Balkanmaster Level 1

              I'm planning to make it 720p, and yes here is some of the footage

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                Balkanmaster Level 1

                The video was filmed in 720p, but was put on to a dvd, and after i riped i used all the right settings and just doesn't look right

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Because it was put on a DVD you lost at least half the quality and probably more.  All the fine detail in the background is going to give you all kinds of fits. Looks like it might even have been interlaced. If the project is important figure out someway to get the original footage. Ripping from the DVD is about the worst way to get original footage to start I can think of.

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                    Dave LaRonde Level 6

                    You're using low-image-quality video from a DVD.  There isn't much you can do to improve the quality.  Most of it went away when it was encoded to standard-definition mpeg2.