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    what is wrong with my CPU ? trying to play xavc 4k, getting weird ppm7 results




      I am getting what looks like 15 fps trying to play xavc 4k.

      AVC intra 422 is even worse.


      My system is as follows:


      windows 7 64 bit

      i7 4770k @ 3.5 ghz

      32 gb DDR3 @ 666Mhz 11-13-13-32

      asus z87 deluxe dual socket 1150

      asus geforce gtx 980 ti matrix


      system : samsung ssd 840 pro

      storage : atto & areca raids


      My ppbm7 results feel weird to me :




      I understand my CPU is no longer brand new, but 690 is really, really long.

      Also 6s for the storage test seems really fast (even though I watched the test and it did take 6 seconds), as I was on an ATTO 8 drive raid that I don't believe goes that fast for writes.


      Does anybody know what I could do to get that 690 down, and to figure out why my xavc playback is so bad ?


      Many thanks