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    Dynamic Images

    Bhanu Shankar
      Hi Flash guys,

      I am designing a Flash demo for a site. I have used the same images which the website is using. Now I want these images to change if the website some time later change the images. How is it possible for me to change the images in SWF to dynamically change to reflect the same as the website? Is it possible to do this?

      Bhanu Shankar
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          sneakyimp Level 2
          sure--it's a lot easier if the new images are the same size and same name though. if they're not the same size or the same name it gets complicated.

          if they are, it can be easy. in your FLA, convert the changing images to movies and give each one a different instance name. then in the actionscript for that frame, load the appropriate jpeg into each one.



          if the size of the images changes, you'll need to write some actionscript to properly arrange the movies.

          if the names of the movies change, you can alter your actionscript to read the list of image names from a text file.