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    Page numbering for topics

      I have a simple question. Can anyone tell me how I can set up robohelp to have all of my topics have a page number. I am talking about such as in Microsoft word when you do a term paper you can have the bottom or top of the pages numbered. Is there an easy way to do this rather than putting a number on each of the pages?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Are you talking about in the online help? If so that is not possible, you are dealing with something online rather than printed media. If you were generating webhelp, then the user could get page numbering via their browser but that is their choice and outside your control.

          If you are outputting your help in a printed document, then page numbering will be applied.

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            EEDSS Level 1
            Yeah I am talking about that. Well, that's too bad. I just know that it would be easier for me if I could because I've got many pages of topics, and there will be other people who will make changes to it. I was looking for a way of organizing it better, but I needed it to be easy.
            Thanks for your help
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              What exactly will they be changing? They cannot change the source unless they have RoboHelp. What are you giving them to review?

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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                HI all

                For what it's worth, I've not seen this aspect mentioned yet. So here goes.

                On-line help is a different animal than printed material. While it may be logical to number pages in a printed document, this numbering won't mean anything in a world where pages can be accessed in any order the user sees fit.

                Each page DOES actually have a unique URL. Can't you use this?

                Sincerely... Rick