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    Windows 10 and ADE problems


      I'm a public librarian, dealt with many eReader/eBook technical issues, but have not solved this one. A patron has a laptop computer with Windows 10 operating system. She brought it in to me at work. She was having difficulty with Adobe Digital Editions. The ADE would open the Adobe Content Server File and download the ePub file into her computer's ADE that she checked out of OverDrive, but the ADE would freeze immediately and it would not open the title to read on her computer nor could we transfer it to her Kobo reader, which ADE did recognize. We did the following to try to sove the problem:


      1. Uninstall then reinstall ADE- did not help.

      2. Uninstall version 4.5 and install 3.0- same problem occurred.

      3. De/Reauthorized the ADE with her Adobe ID on each version

      4. Installed ADE version 2,0. even

      5. Installed OverDrive App for Windows 8, which worked, but we cannot transfer the title to her Kobo eReader which is what she wants.

      6. Restarted her computer several times during this.


      Finally we got the title on her Kobo eReader via a library computer, My questions is, is there any assistance or knowledge, or tips and suggestions you have for solving this problem. Quite simply, ADE doesn't work correctly on her computer and this is preventing her from using OverDrive.

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          sdean7855 Level 1

          I have the same problem: since I upgraded to W10 Pro, ADE doesn't even pop up its window.  I have tried:

          • uninstalling V4.5.0 and reinstalling 4.5.2. No joy.
          • deleting the My Digital Editions directory and running ADE in admin mode.  Directory gets recreated, but the ADE window never comes up. No joy
          • because the window doesn't come up,  I can't deauthorize and reauthorize. No Joy.
          • I have tried running in toubleshoot mode. No joy.

          Since has been a known problem since February.  Is anybody home at Adobe? There is no phone support and the Community Forums don't have any solid fix.  Who is Adobe's real customer in the book industry? .asm DRM is busted. Someone should be concerned.