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    dropdown values from array

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      I am javascript dumb and need help. I have an array of Facility ("Facility")and Account # ("Acct"). I want to have the Facility to scroll through the array (new Array1) and Acct to pick up the value

      Document JavaScript Selection Array1

      var aNamesID = new Array1(

      [" ", ""],

      ["Customer Name One","ID12345"],

      ["Lower Customer Name Two","ID 789"]




      How do I tie my Selection Field "Facility" to my Array1?


      I will have another Selection list / Array doing a similar function (Fields "ProCode" & "Description") do I need to call it "Selection Array2" and

      var aNamesID = new Array2(

      [" ", ""],

      ["ItemProCode1","Description of one"],

      ItemProCode2","Description of two"]