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    Adobe Animate CC for creating 360degree product photography for e-commerce website.


      Hi All,


      I want to create a 360 degree view of a product that can be rotated online and am wondering if Adobe Animate CC is the best choice for finalising the work? Its for E-Commerce simply, you may be familiar with the type of files on ecommerce websites? I was on the verge of purchasing another monthly prescription of some standalone software when of course I never considered the other apps I have with CC at my office.


      Anybody have experience or have suggestion on a tool that works best for this?


      At the moment I have just 10 products to do, if all going well it will increase.


      its not the first time ive done this, ive done similar 360degree photos for webonline using a paid for software to generate the results a couple years ago but id like to see if i can keep this cc this time.


      many thanks,