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    Remote Control Car Example by CanDo. Where does it get some of it's information from?

      I've been tearing apart the Remote Control Car example by CanDo over the last few days trying to figure out exactly how it works, but there are a couple of things that have stumped me.

      Rather than apply the havok directly to the 3D member on stage (named carW3D) it appears to be calling the member 1:simon . This may be the original name for the file or something, but I don't know where it appears in Director.

      As well as this the havok or the original 3D member are changing the values of properties without director telling you when or how.
      for example:
      the value pChassisNameis not defined in director until you get further into the script, but it seems to know in the "on updatehover" that pChassisRB = pHavok.rigidBody(pChassisName) is pChassisRB = pHavok.rigidBody("chassis00").
      As well as this values for properties change without notice. a property pStrength is listed as 1 as a default, but after the havok is applied it's value is changed to 40.

      I can understand if the W3D file has values like mass and strength that change the default, but I've no idea where it is being told to identify pChassiName as being "chassis00"