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    Drop Shadows Causing Darker Text


      I create a 16 page newsletter each month. This is my first month using InDesign to do it. I have a lot of textboxes filled with images that really look best with drop shadows. However, the drop shadows are causing the text to be darker on two pages.I know this is a known issue but none of the "solutions" are working for me.

      I have tried moving all the images to a second layer below the text layer - nothing. I also tried adding transparency to every page in several different ways, but the font is still only darker on those two pages.

      So this month I have had to remove all drop shadows, which makes my publication like crap. I've been using Publisher up to this point, and I'm honestly thinking of going back and cancelling my service. Yeah, Publisher sucks, but I've never had to deal with these kinds of issues while using it.



      Do NOT get me started on Adobe's costumer service. I have wasted over 2 hours today with them on chats and on the phone. Twice I have been told they will call me within the hour and been left waiting. When they finally did call me back, hours later, I was at lunch (which I told them I would be at that time) and they left a message to call them back with no call back number. I have been near tears with them today because I am so frustrated.