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    I can't get animation to play on web page

    GalenDeming Level 1

      How do I get a simple Animate CC animation to play on my web page? Its a short frame-by-frame animation of a dog.


      I tried following these instructions with no success.

      How to embed Edge Animate compositions into existing pages?


      In the instructions they say "the code referenced in Step 2 and 3 below will be included in the .html file that Animate creates inside the publish/web folder"


      However when I publish, there is no publish/web folder created, and the code is nowhere to be found. I'm guessing at this point, so I don't even know if my code is correct. I'm so frustrated, I've been at this for hours and cannot determine what I am doing wrong!


      When publishing, I get the following files:







      The code (which is probably incorrect) I placed in my header is as follows:


      <!--Adobe Edge Runtime-->

      <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src="ACE.js"></script>


      .ACE { display:none; }


      <!--Adobe Edge Runtime End-->


      The code I placed on my page is as follows:


      <div id="Stage" class="ACE"></div>


      Here is a link to the file: