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    Weird window switches on mac os x laptop with multiple monitors? how come?


      I'm using Lightroom CC on a MacBook Pro, latest OS X, working with a small EIZO as a secondary monitor. I'm using both screens as follows: left side (laptop) internet , right side (Eizo) Lightroom. Sometimes when I'm switiching screens (from Lightroom to Chrome) also the Lightroom-window changes the screen for no reason.


      It's not a big problem (I can just switch it back), but the same phenomena is happening with most of my CC-collection (Photoshop). The persistence of this minor problem is slowly getting annoying (it's consistently happening since OS X introduced native fullscreen mode, so it's going for years... on several computers, several setups)


      Does anyone spontaneously know the root-cause of this nuisance?


      Thx, S


      PS: In general: the Adobe-solution to "full screen mode" seems to be different from the OS X -method of "full screen mode" anyway. Why is that?