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    where to add alt-text for figure/caption

    Minka316 Level 1

      For images that have both a figure and caption tag, where would you add the alt-text?  I was told that in this situation, you add the alt-text to the Figure only and that the alt-text could simply state: Figure x: caption follows.  However, when JAWS reader reads the document it never reads aloud the caption....so, what should I do in this situation?   


      As a test I added alt-text to the caption tag and had JAWS read through the document, but it still did not read this alt-text, it only read the alt-text for the figure tag.  JAWS also does not read the caption text either, let alone the alt-text for the caption.  Given the results of this test, I suspect I should only add alt-text to the figure tag and make the alt-text descriptive enough for the user to understand it, correct?


      Thanks, Marion