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    Edit PDF using Photoshop filesize problem

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      Not sure if this should go in the Acrobat forum or the Photoshop forum since it uses both.


      Steps to reproduce the problem:


      1. In Adobe Acrobat, open a PDF. The PDFs I’m working with are primarily from scans, so they’re simply an image with some OCRd text.
      2. Tools --> Edit PDF.
      3. Right click a page, Edit Using Adobe Photoshop
      4. In Photoshop, make any change, doesn’t matter what.
      5. Save the temporary file and close Photoshop.
      6. Save the original PDF in Acrobat


      At this point the PDF balloons to many, many times its original size. The test I just did went from 300KB to 6,400 KB. I can then go in and optimize the PDF to bring it back down, but we we’re trying to optimize a workflow. Auditing the space usage shows the same percentages allocated to each category as before. The pixel count hasn’t changed, the bitrate hasn’t changed…


      I’ve fiddled with the Adobe PDF presets with no luck – in fact, I can’t even figure out how, within that workflow, to use a particular preset, because in order to make the Photoshop edits automatically propagate back to the PDF, I can only Save, not Save As…


      How can I prevent this problem? I'm on a PC using Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 and Acrobat Pro DC 2015. Thanks for your help!