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      I have a Fractal ARC MIDI R2 case and an Asus x99-a board. The power button on the case works fine. I have the computer plugged into a switched ac outlet. When the computer is off and I switch on the ac power from the wall switch the computer starts up without me pressing the power button on the case. Any idea how to remedy this?





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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          See if it can be changed in the Power Options or the BIOS.

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            Why are you turning the surge protector the system is plugged into off. You don't want to do that unless a storm is probable or some power issues are occurring in your area. The wall power ie the infrastructure power feeds the volitle firmware on the system boards now since they have grown to be so large that using CMOS batteries as the primary power would use up those batteries in months or a few years. When you shut the power off to the system then a gate flips and the CMOS battery feeds the volatile firmware ie bios. Sometimes that gate doesn't flip fast enough and the bios will reset or the board prematurely goes into watch dog mode.




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              Thank you.