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    AIR - Transactional Offline/Online applcation


      I'm very new to AIR. I'm very interested in learning it. I would like to ask one question before learning.

      Is it possible to use AIR to develop Offline/Online application? What I mean by Offline/Online application is that the application work on offline when the network is down. If the network is available then it will automatically re-connect with online services and will sync the offline data to the online services.

      Here is one scenario.

      Let's say I have a small application called "Student Registration Management" system. I have StudentRegistration.UI (AIR)project and StudentRegistrationService Web Service project. StudentRegistration.UI project is working fine as long as we have the network connection. But the problem is that our network connection is not so stable. sometimes, it used to disconnect for half-day and etc . So, we are considering to make our project work Offline.

      In order to do that, we are thinking to add another layer that can switch the proxy class and offline class that can access to the local database.

      For example:

      StudentRegistration.UI --> [detect the connection] -> [if online] call Proxy to invoke the webservice.
      -> [if offline] call another class that can connect to the local database which is located under "My Document" or "somewhere"


      Q1. Do you think this is the correct approach??

      Q2. Is it possible to connect the MS access database or mdf from AIR directly? (Note: This MS Access Database or mdf will be located under under "My Document" or "somewhere" ) If yes, how can I do that? Do I have to use the "inline" SQL statement too?

      Q3. Having one layer that can connect with local database will add the duplicated effort. Whenever we changed something in StudentRegistrationService Web service project, we will need to do the same thing for those offline classes. How can I reduct this effort?

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          anirudhs Level 2

          You can definitely built apps with online-offline capabilities with AIR. You can't connect to an MS Access database, but AIR has built-in SQLite (a file based DB like MS access) DB support. Use SQLite to persist data when in offline mode.

          The NativeApplication class whose singleton instance can be accessed via NativeApplication.nativeApplication dispatches an event (networkChange) whenever any change in the network is detected. It may be a connection coming back up or a connection going down. Your application has to listen to this event and then ping your server URL to see if it is online or offline. By ping, the meaning here is only a check to see if a particular URL is accessible using HTTP. There is an AIR class called URLMonitor used for this.

          As far as Q3 goes, you'll have redo the changes you did in your web services classes in the local version as well. I don't see a way around that.
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            srn098 Level 1

            Having built-in SQLite is really good. Thanks.