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    Lightroom 2015.5, Issue with PNG Watermark Loading with Wrong Colors

    Juans EliMor

      HI all,


      I was trying to export some pictures with a preset I have which includes a preset watermark.


      After exporting the file I noticed, the color of the watermark was off, then I looked for another image which I did exported successfully a few weeks ago (watermark with the right colors) and exported it again, the watermark came with the wrong colors.


      So I went into the watermark menu and I noticed it is been loaded with the wrong colors, and each PNG I tried had the same problem.


      -I tried applying the watermark on Photoshop and it worked just fine. (using the same PNG source file)

      -I tried deactivating the Video Card Processing from preferences and it didn't make a difference.

      -I just did uninstall Lightroom and installed it again, didn't make a difference.


      *Note: I cut the rest of the image due to file size.


      This is the right one


      This is the wrong one

      An screenshot from the watermark screen


      The color seems off right from here.


      Is someone else having the same issue?