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    Reactivating LR mobile sync with LR desktop CC after reactivating desktop trial


      I unexpectedly received an offer to renew my LR CC desktop software trial for another 30 days after allowing my trial to expire some two months ago.  I have continued to use LR mobile on my Android phone which fully functions within the phone without a subscription but will not, however, cloud sync.  I was able to reactive my LR CC desktop, but it tells me that my LR Mobile trial has expired as does the mobile app on the phone.  So am I too assume that renewing the LR CC desktop trial does not include allowing one to sync with the mobile app during this renewed trial period?  I called Adobe and they aren't even aware that there is an offer of this type, and indicated that nothing could be done to extend the trial on the mobile device.  I was just wondering if anyone has encountered this same situation and successfully reactivated their mobile trial.