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    CINEWARE connection failure 5027::12

    derrickm71011068 Level 1

      I've tried all the "FIXES" that have been posted

      1. Change connection port
      2. Run as Admin
      3. Change firewall settings
      4. Clean install- both Windows and Adobe.


      My whole thing is, I only get the error when I first try to add a new C4D layer, I close it twice, the layer is added, I am unable to edit the original, then I get the error again when I close it. If I save the project, when I reopen it, it opens fine and I am able to work with C4D lite.


      So it isn't a connection problem, nor is it an Admin problem as this is all with the default settings.

      C4D lite was working perfect for months, then all of a sudden this problem happen. I did a clean install of Windows and we installed Adobe.


      If anyone has a solution, please let me know.