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    How to split an object between two pages in a spread with margins


      Hello, I was wondering how to have an object split between two pages and see the margins between those pages.


      Currently, if I have one picture that's placed in the middle of a spread and print a pdf, the picture is flush with the right side of the left page and the left side of the right page. However, if I were to bind the pages together, it would obscure some of the picture. Therefore, I'd like to be able to create and see an inner margin such that the left half of the picture ends an inch before the right half of the first page and the right half of the picture starts an inch away from the left side of the second page.


      I feel like I could work around this by exporting to a PDF and then setting print margins in Acrobat somehow but I'd like to be able to see what it looks like in InDesign first if possible.

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          Nicolas Levet Level 2

          Hi NaviKing,


          well, the good ol' trick:

          -select, then copy your image

          -paste it "in place" (that makes a clone)

          -reduce the width (only) to 50%* with a reference point on the left (for the left part of your image)

          -click on your first image (your original image)

          -reduce the width (only) to 50%* with a reference point on the right (as it's the right part of your image)


          *you can type any value in % in the "W" field, indesign do the math for you, and don't forget to untick the keep proportions button other wise you will reduce the heigth as well.



          -use the Script "MakeGrid (see image below for the settings)

          Capture d’écran 2016-03-31 à 09.42.03.png


          then you can move your two blocks wherever you want.

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            Obi-wan Kenobi Level 5

            If I understand well, you want to split the image in two parts, one part on the left page, the other on the right!

            If right, try this:


              An InDesign CS5/6 Javascript
              Version 1.1
              Bruno Herfst 2013-2015
              This script breaks graphic frames over pages using pathfinder commands.
            #target InDesign;
            // SETTINGS //
            doTextFrames = false;
            //Make certain that user interaction (display of dialogs, etc.) is turned on.
            app.scriptPreferences.userInteractionLevel = UserInteractionLevels.interactWithAll;
            if (app.documents.length != 0) {
                //global vars
                var myCover = app.activeDocument;
                var myCoverBleed = {
                   Top    : myCover.documentPreferences.documentBleedTopOffset,
                   Bottom : myCover.documentPreferences.documentBleedBottomOffset,
                        Left   : myCover.documentPreferences.documentBleedInsideOrLeftOffset,
                        Right  : myCover.documentPreferences.documentBleedOutsideOrRightOffset
                if(breakCover(myCover)) {
            } else {
              alert("Can’t find any open documents.");
            function breakCover(myCover){
              //For all spreads
              var spreadsLen = myCover.spreads.length;
              for (var i=spreadsLen-1; i>=0; i--){
               breakSpread(myCover, myCover.spreads[i]);
              return true;
            function breakSpread(myCover, mySpread){
                var ruleror = myCover.viewPreferences.rulerOrigin;
              myCover.viewPreferences.rulerOrigin = RulerOrigin.SPREAD_ORIGIN;
                var mySpreadRectangles  = mySpread.rectangles;
              var mySpreadOvals       = mySpread.ovals;
              var mySpreadPolygons    = mySpread.polygons;
              var mySpreadPages = mySpread.pages;
              var pagesLen      = mySpreadPages.length;
              var myPages       = new Array();
              for (var page = pagesLen-1; page>=0; page--){
              // Get page bounds including bleed
              if(page == 0){ // first
              var myFrameBounds = getPageBounds(mySpreadPages[page],3);
              } else if (page == pagesLen-1){
              var myFrameBounds = getPageBounds(mySpreadPages[page],1);
              } else {
              var myFrameBounds = getPageBounds(mySpreadPages[page],2);
              myPages.push({page: mySpreadPages[page], bounds:myFrameBounds});
              if(myPages.length > 1) {
              myCover.viewPreferences.rulerOrigin = ruleror;
              return true;
            function breakFramesTo(myPages,mySpreadItems){
              for ( i = mySpreadItems.length-1; i >= 0; i-- ) {
              var spreadItem = mySpreadItems[i];
              var myLayer = spreadItem.itemLayer;
              //make sure layer is unlocked
              var myLayerLock = myLayer.locked;
              myLayer.locked = false;
              // Check item agains every page
              var pagesLen = myPages.length;
              for (var j = pagesLen-1; j >= 0; j--){
              var myDupItem = spreadItem.duplicate();
              var rect = myPages[j].page.rectangles.add(myLayer,{geometricBounds:myPages[j].bounds, fillColor:"None", strokeColor:"None"});
              try {
              } catch(e) {
              // Don't break if it doesn't work out. It's OK.
              // alert(e.description);
              //set original lock
              myLayer.locked = true;
            function getPageBounds(myPage,selector){
              var myBleedBounds = myPage.bounds; //[y1, x1, y2, x2]
              // Add top and bottom bleed
              myBleedBounds[0] -= myCoverBleed.Top;
              myBleedBounds[2] += myCoverBleed.Bottom;
              // Left and right bleed
              switch (selector){
              case 2:
              return myBleedBounds; // Return page-bounds with top+bottom bleed
              case 3:
              myBleedBounds[1] -= myCoverBleed.Left;
              return myBleedBounds;
              case 1:
              myBleedBounds[3] += myCoverBleed.Right;
              return myBleedBounds;
              default: // Return page-bounds without bleed
              return myPage.bounds;



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              NaviKing Level 1

              I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do I actually get InDesign to execute the JavaScript?

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                Nicolas Levet Level 2

                go to: WIndows menu > utilities > Scripts


                open the Samples folder then the Javascript sub folder (if you're on a mac u can use applescripts)

                select your photo then double-click on the script name, that will launche a dialogue box, then follow my instructions.


                If you save a new script, following the Obi-One recommendations (thanks to him) you will be able to use it as explain above.

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                  NaviKing Level 1

                  Thank you! Both of these things worked well, so I'd recommend either method based on how comfortable someone is with creating and running scripts.