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    Adobe Flex Alternatives

    _harry_potter_ Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am part of an application that has been utilizing adobe flex for past many years now. The UI has been designed in flex and is fantastic. Lately, however, the application has been switched to an entire set of open source technologies. All the utilities and packages have been gradually moved to their open source counterparts.


      Similar activities are planned for flex as well. I was wondering if adobe community can suggest a suitable flex alternative to create a UI layer for a java/j2ee application?


      So far we have identified AngularJs (& JavaScript/HTML5)as a suitable replacement for flex and action script. Kindly suggest if there are other open source alternatives that we can look and research on.


      Secondly, can anyone please suggest if it is possible to replace Flex with AngularJs and still work with ActionScript? As per my understanding, Flex works with Action Script and AngularJs works well with TypeScript/JavaScript but since I am new in this area, I could be wrong.


      Thanks a lot in Advance!