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    glossary  - search field/alphabet bookmarks


      I saw a topic similar to this one on the forum, but no answer, and it's very well possible that there still isn't one - but figured I'd check anyway.

      Has anyone been able to create alphabet bookmarks in a glossary, for example, all the "a" terms go under "A," and "b" terms go under "B," and so forth.

      And/or is there a way to get a search field that would appear with the glossary so you can type a word and it takes you right to the word you type?

      I checked the RoboHelp Help file, but didn't find a way to do this.

      Thank you,
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          MergeThis Level 4
          We have several large reference topics, including one called Glossary. A large, pretty alphabetic marker (#, A, B, etc.) appears as a type of section head (with a horizontal rule above it for further demarcation), and this marker is bookmarked. Directly under that is placed the links to the bookmarks for each of the letters except that one (the links under "A" are "# B C D," etc.), We separate each with two spaces for better legibility.

          As to a search field bringing you to the typed word: No, sorry.

          Good luck,

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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi Suzie

            Really not trying to step on Leon's toes today...

            See if the link below is something like what you are wanting.

            Click here to view

            If so, post back and I'll give you more detail. No need to do that though until I'm sure of what you want.

            Cheers... Rick
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              suzieshell Level 1
              Thanks for all of your comments/help with this.

              Actually, what I'm doing is using the Glossary feature in RoboHelp, rather than creating a glossary topic or topics. I was hoping that there was a way to search the glossary easily, rather than having to scroll through to try and find what you're looking for, and since the glossary has at least 100 terms, I was hoping to break it down into chunks by alphabetical order. Ideally, I wanted a search capability - maybe that will come in another release. :-)

              Thanks again for your replies and your time.
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                RoboWizard Level 4
                Hi Michele

                You may wish to investigate using the Glossary Hotspot Wizard. Basically this gizmo scans your topics looking for the terms you have entered into the Glossary. Where it finds matches it creates expanding hotspots in the topic content. This is beneficial as it provides the user with the term and definition right from where they are in the topic as opposed to clicking the Glossary button and scanning the Glossary in hopes of finding a term that may not be there.

                Cheers... Rick