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    Pasting into a specific folder


      This is driving me crazy - I desperately need to be able to copy a composition from somefolder in the project, and paste it into a specific folder in the project.

      If it matters - the reasons is that my project has many folders, and when I paste I have to scroll through them and manipulate the pasted object into the desired folder.


      Any solution for this?

      Thank you

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If it helps, you can press the ` key (same key as ~ on US English keyboards) with your mouse over your project panel and it will make it larger so you won't have to scroll as much.

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            guyman20 Level 1

            Thanks, but this solution is still not comfrotable

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              adamneer Level 2

              Sometimes annoying things like this are actually good for us. Much like the first few client revisions we get in our AE career, they remind us how important it is to keep our projects well organized. I'm not accusing you of having a messy project, because it sounds like keeping things in order is important to you, but perhaps there's something you can do to cut down the number of assets youre working with?  I can't think of many times where my project window has been so full that I need to scroll endlessly to get to something. I generally make base folders for: Footage, Audio, VO, Graphics (with a sub folder for the asset folders created from AI/PS imports), Renders, and obviously Comps, with a sub folder for PreComps. Sometimes I'll create more detailed comp folders depending on what kind of work I'm doing, like when I'm working on something with lots of match-moving, I make a sub folder for footage stabilization comps. But suffice it to say, with a good folder hierarchy and diligent removal of extraneous elements (deleting unused/unneeded comps or graphics), you should end up with less scrolling. Perhaps the project is simply too big and could be split up into smaller ones. You might find speed/performance benefits by slimming it down as well. Hopefully this all comes across as just a helpful suggestion and not a preachy "you're holding it wrong" response.

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                guyman20 Level 1

                Thank you for your response.

                Actually, this is a template project I'm using, so I didn't even decide its structure.

                I'll still be happy to know if it's possible to "paste a composition/folder in place".

                Thank you

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                  scawelti Level 1

                  Did anyone ever figure this out?

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Use the search field and commas. For complete instructions look here. Re: Copy / Paste Woes