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    Why can't I choose the file type?


      When there is an image listed and there is more than one option for the file type, why aren't I able to choose the format I want?  I've recently switched from Dollar Photo Club and I am irritated that with the move I feel that I have to have all Adobe products to access files.


      Twice it has happened now where I have chosen an image and been sent an .ai file.  I am unable to open .ai files because I don't use an Adobe program!  I understand that these are specifically made for Adobe and I wouldn't chose this type of file for this reason.  My issue is that BOTH times the file type available was also listed as an .eps file!  That file type I am able to use!


      However it doesn't give me the option of downloading in that format, even though it says it is available.  How can I use the image if I cannot open it?  Why list .eps as a format and then only allow me to download in a format I can't use??


      Here are the IDs for the two files I have wasted credits on.  It clearly states that both of these are available as an .eps yet I cannot access them.