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    Can an overview be exported, with links displayed?


      Xd looks great from the brief look I've had.


      One thing that I want from these kind of products (but very rarely get) is a combination of an overview/flow diagram as well as an interactive prototype (all from the same source file).


      Xd has got the interactive prototype down but it doesn't seem like there's an option to export an overview of all the artboards as they're laid out in Xd (something I've noticed about Photoshop too, which would be to get support for). Basically I find it useful to show clients a flow diagram that could be printed on A0 paper showing all the screens of the app and how they link together. Currently in Xd it seems like I'd have to take screenshots of all the artboards and put them together in Photoshop and then potentially draw in the lines manually or have them in Xd as additional elements (like the little chevrons between steps in the sample project). Manual steps are a definite negative as I might need to make small tweaks here and there repeatedly and generate the overview diagram so wouldn't want to be redrawing anything.


      Is anything like this on the roadmap?