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      Hello I got this probleme whem i try to open Cinewareprobleme af.png

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          professor madjan

          I have two MacBooks. I am testing “Adobe After Effects CC 2017” version on both of them.


          A / Macbook Pro (mid 2015), Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1

          B / Macbook Pro (mid 2010), Mac OS Capitan 10.11.6


          I believe I have a software problem with (A) using “After Effects”, when using the “Cineware” Plugin in “After Effects” that connects “After Effects” with “Cinema 4D Lite”. (16.0.38)


          When on the (B) it works fine. Really really much much faster. It loads fast. It performs great. And it works.


          With (A) I get tremendously slow loading time of the plugin "Cineware", and it does NOT display the 3d object from Cinema 4D Lite, like (B) is able to.


          The slowness-problem has been there before like we can see here:



          I found the problem formulated already by someone else back in December 2014: https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/1058425

          "when I launch AE, I can see the file just fine in C4D lite, and in after effects I see a black screen in the comp window.

          However I can see the thumbnail of the c4d file in the project window when I have the c4d file selected. The layer is active in the comp's timeline as well."

          (I believe the black screen is just the composition bg being black.)


          Also this popped up SOME of the time:

          Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 14.04.34.png



          - I have no firewall.

          - I have no antivirus.


          In the following screenshot


          - I have made the composition-bg 'magenta' to show that the layer with the Cineware content isn't showing at all.

          (when the layer with the solid is toggled on, I see the solid under the Cineware-layer)

          - To the right is Cinema 4d Lite with the c4d file open.

          - Also we can see that the little thumbnail in the Project window seems to be able to catch the content of C4D file.


          Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 15.26.06.png

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            professor madjan Level 1

            I found out that the order matters.

            In After Effects

            1) In the Cineware Plugin click Options > then change port to 2027

            2) In After Effects menu Edit > purge > All memory and disc cache

            3) quit After Effects

            4) restart After Effects

            Now it works!


            IF I quit After Effects BEFORE I did "purge", then it DIDN'T work for me.