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    why doesn't the text editor dialog box open when I use the text tool and click on the stage?

    Tom L

      I'm using edge animate cc 2015 and going through the exercises in "Adobe's Classroom in a book".  In the first lesson the book asks you to add text to the stage and the book states that when you use the text tool and click on the stage a text editor dialog opens for you to type the text.  When I click on the Text Tool and then click on the stage no text editor dialog opens.  What I get is a starting point to enter text on the stage.  I can click on the Text tool and then drag to add a text box the size I want, but wondered why the text editor dialog does not open.  I just want to make sure there's not a problem in the way I set up the project that's going to cause more problems as I go forward with the exercise in the book.