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    Copying and pasting links from one document to another is no longer retaining the actions


      For a couple of years I have been creating a "dynamic" table of contents in a MS-Word document.  The Word document is a skeleton of a PDF which will be published with only the text for headings on the appropriate pages.  I then save it as a PDF. The links in the generated PDF accurately go to pages within the document. I then copy the table of contents pages to my PDF which contains the actual content.  I delete the old links and copy/paste the links from the newly created table of contents pages into the "real" PDF.  Recently, when I paste the links, they appear to paste properly but the actions on the links are not included.  I can look at the new PDF and see the link action of "go to a page in the document"  but on the pasted version they are not present.  Is this a bug?  Has anyone experienced this situation?   Thanks in advance!!!