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    LR catalog Backup freezes

    PNRCOMPS Level 1

      Recently upgraded imac to 27" LR is installed and works fine except the backup of the catalog. It gets about 1/3 of the way and doesnt move. Any thoughts? this is infuriating.

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi PNRCOMPS,


          Could you please let me know the exact version of Lightroom installed on your computer?

          Also where are you trying to backup the Catalog, try to change the backup location once and then backup the Catalog.



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            Termistrator Level 1


            I am experiencing the same issue on my PC and it's still there despite LR 6.x updates.


            Catalogue backup process starts at LR exit, the progress bar moves ahead and the dialogue displays "Optimizing Catalogue..." and then the progress bar freezes forever. Clicking the Cancel button does not interrupt the process and the only way to exit is to kill the LR process.


            No working solution found on the web, only the same question asked!


            I cross-checked several things within this LR catalogue:

            • Catalogue optimization successfully works from the "File" menu
            • The "Export as a catalogue" from the "File" menu does not react (no message, no dialogue box)
            • The "Export this folder as a catalogue" when right-clicking a folder does not react (no message, no dialogue box)

            All features work using another catalogue (14,000 photographs, 159 MB catalogue file)...


            Additional info

            • Data volumes: 75,000 photographs, 1.4 GB catalogue file, locations and face recognition enabled
            • Lightroom: Latest version 6.7 (French) installed
            • OS: Windows 10 Pro (French) with latest updates, no anti-virus
            • User rights: user with administrator rights
            • File System rights: System and user accounts have full access rights on Lightroom folder, Backup folder and below (inheritance)
            • Hardware health: 3 TB hard-disk: brand new, no bad sectors, plenty of free space (500 GB)
            • Hardware compatibility: Intel PC, 4 GB RAM


            Reminder of the catalogue backup process according to progress bar:


            1. Catalogue consistency check
            2. Catalogue Backup Copy
            3. Backup Optimization
            4. Backup Compression (I never see this message)
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              Termistrator Level 1

              Message to Adobe Dev team:

              Please add this VACCUM command to your Optimization/Integrity check features since it obviously does not fix the LR catalogue the same way.


              Diagnosis: Catalogue file is corrupted!

              Obviously based on the above observations the .lrcat file is corrupted in some way :
              Every time you need to export or backup the catalogue you are stuck even if you can still open/use it.

              Clue: I also understood based on this link that the Lightroom.lrcat file was actually a SQLite 3 database file!


              Working solution found!

              In short:

              I opened the .lrcat file with a SQLite Manager and ran a VACUUM command, --which "realigns" data structure without touching contents-- and it WORKED!


              Long version of how to fix a partially corrupted Lightroom catalogue:

              1. Ensure Lightroom is closed
              2. Make a copy your .lrcat catalogue file and keep it apart
              3. Change the extension of your original catalogue file to .sqlite
              4. Open it with the SQLite Manager (download one here or there)
              5. Run a VACCUM command onto the database and wait for it to finish
              6. Close the SQLite Manager and change the file extension back to .lrcat
              7. Launch Lightroom again (remove the .lock file if necessary)
              8. Try to launch an immediate backup while exiting (with integrity check and optimization enabled)
              9. It should go through all 4 steps (see previous post) and exit Lightroom
              10. Open your catalogue again, check it all
              11. Delete your copy of the catalogue file once you checked everything is correct

              Additional fix: Video cache

              Problem: I was also not able to flush the video cache in Lightroom settings.


              1. Delete cache files in the following folders:
                • C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Video\Media Cache

                • C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Video\Media

              2. Edit the associated LightroomPlayback.db file and VACCUM it the same way as described above
                • C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Adobe\Lightroom\Caches\Video\LightroomPlayback.db
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                SRoyC Level 1

                Thank you so much. This worked like a charm.

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                  LAlapse Level 1

                  This worked for me too. Thank you!


                  Lightroom CC 2015.12 release

                  Mac OS 10.12.6 Sierra