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    Text wrapping around... absolutely nothing?

    Miker2426 Level 1

      I was working on a file that had some text wrapping around a logo. I needed to create a variation of this file by increasing the width by half an inch. I reset the document size, and saved the new file. I then moved the wrapped type and the logo over to accommodate the new size, and here is where things went bizarrely wrong. The text wouldn't wrap correctly. I went to my settings in the text wrap pallet and they were still correct. The text wasn't following the settings. I then clicked on the logo and turned off the wrap, and the test was STILL WRAPPING. What? I Moved the logo completely out of the way, and yet the text still wrapped around something that USED to be there, but now wasn't. Essentially, I have a ghost logo in my new file, still located in its original position, that's making my text wrap around it. There's nothing there, so I can't select it or delete it. What am I missing here?