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    wav files will not import


      Occasionally I will create an audio file to accompany an image. That audio file is written to my camera's CompactFlash memory card in a wav format. In my workflow, I insert the CF card into my computer and open LR to initiate an import of the image as well as to rename the image using my own template (which is yyyy_mm_dd_HHmmss). Since LR1 and until sometime about 4 months ago, that workflow worked perfectly renaming both image and its accompanying wav file (giving both the same name) and placing both in the folder I designated during import. That enabled me to use LR to see which images had attached audio files by looking at the Library module's Metadata field entitled "Audio File" while I viewed the images as well as to play that wav file by clicking the appropriate arrow in the Metadata panel.


      During the past few months I continued to use the above workflow but noticed that, though I thought that I had created wav files for some images, I no longer saw them listed in the "Audio File". Since I didn't see those audio files appear in the Metadata panel, I assumed that I had simply forgotten to create the files. However, recently returning from a large shoot, I once again followed my usual workflow but this time noted that I did have wav files on my CF card but none were imported though the images did import and were renamed according to my template.


      I have spent the morning trying various methods of getting my workflow to work as it originally did but have not had any luck. Ironically, I noticed that a new version of LR was available today (2016-03-31) so I installed it but the problem has not been corrected.


      Procedures I have tried and their results:

      1. Import without using my custom template. Results: image imports to designated folder and is viewable in LR but the wav file does not import and is thus not viewable (or playable) in LR.
      2. Import without using my custom template THEN manually copy the wav file to the designated folder. Results: image imports to designated folder and is viewable in LR but wav file is not listed in the Metadata panel BUT after restarting LR the image file is viewable AND the wav file is listed in the Metadata field (and the wav file is playable by clicking the "arrow" in the Metadata field).


      I am using Windows 10, and have tried the above procedures with image and audio files created with both a Nikon D3 and Nikon D3x.


      I have searched through this and other forums and cannot find a solution to allow my workflow to work as it has for years.


      I appreciate anyone's help.