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    Images imported from library are empty

    mking10 Level 1
      Sorry, I did post this query a few days ago, and I did get a response but unfortunately it did not help.
      When I import my images to the library, I can see them fine in the viewer window. However, when I drag the images to the stage I get just an empty frame. I do not know what the problem is. I have tried importing the same images into a stage on an older version of Flash and there is no problem. I see the images fine. So, what can be the problem with Flash CS3.

      I was advised by this forum to check to make sure the "outlines" option was turned off on that layer. I tried this, but I had no luck. Interestingly though if I work in Flash 8 on the same computer and then import the Flash 8 files to CS3 I can then see images I import from the library, even after I have converted the Flash 8 files to CS3 format. At the moment it is the only way I can work with CS3. Does anyone have any advice on what to do?

      Thanking you all,