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    Bought and installed elements 14 today. Both Premiere and Photoshop.

    justhelpmeisok Level 1

      When I installed it there was a text saying that "sharing how i work with Adobe" and this funktion is ON and activated (yes) as standard when I install the program.

      I don't want to share my things, and there is a text saying, go to "Information om programanvändning" to say no.
      But in that window it just says "Ja, jag vill dela information om hur jag använder Adobes program." (Yes I wan to share..........)
      There is nothing wit, No I don't want to share.


      Maybe later, but now as I learn I don't want to share.

      I don't understand? and I don't want to share!

      Haven't started Photoshop yet, but I think it's the same there.

      What is the solution?