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    Cut / copy and paste?

    bpmharris Level 1

      Is there a way to cut things and paste them? I used to use Procreate, and I was able to draw, cut, and rearrange my drawings. Is there anything similar, or do I just not see the option? Any help or advice would be great! Thanks.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi BPMHarris,


          Right now, none of our mobile apps have that capability. I know it's not really what you want to do, but you can duplicate a drawing.


          To duplicate an entire drawing, when you're in Organizer view (where you can see all five canvases of a project), tap the Edit icon (square with a pen). The icon will revert to a checkmark and a hamburger menu will appear on each canvas in the project. Tap the hamburger icon of the drawing you want to duplicate. Then tap the Duplicate icon (two squares with a +) to copy the drawing. Exit out of the menu by tapping the checkmark in the main toolbar. Just be careful when you're in Edit mode, if you accidentally delete a drawing/project, by tapping the Garbage Can icon you could permanently delete a drawing/project.


          At any rate, this is a super-often requested feature, so I'm hoping at some point that it will make it into the app(s). I'll pass your feedback along to the Sketch team.


          Hope that helps.



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            bpmharris Level 1

            Thanks for the alternative! I really enjoy drawing on Sketch way better than Procreate. I hope they do add these features, then it would be absolutely perfect for me lol!


            Thanks again, for your time.