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    Running Flex app in Linux

    thomiko Level 1
      Hi all,

      I've got a strange problem on Linux (Ubuntu 8 running in VMware): I've got a quite complex Flex application running in FP where (in both Opera and Firefox)
      - the "Settings" link in the FP context menu is greyed out
      - the Settings popup does not appear when the Flex app tries to save more data in a SharedObject than currently allowed for this domain
      - the Settings popup window does not appear when deliberately triggered (via Security.showSettings)

      With another simple Flex test application running in the same OS as the same user in the same browsers, all these problems don't appear. The only difference which I can see at the moment (apart from the complexity of the application which of course shouldn't play a role) is that the complex application is compiled from an Ant task whereas the simple app is created and compiled inside Flex builder.
      I did not deliberately set anything in the Ant task which could avoid the "settings" issue to work properly. In the Flex compiler options I also can't see anything related to these settings.

      Does anyone have had a similar problem? Any clues or suggestions?

      btw: here is the Ant task:

      <target name="compile_annex_flex_files" depends="checkFlexHome">
      <echo>Compile: start</echo>
      <echo>FLEX_HOME: ${FLEX_HOME}</echo>

      <mxmlc file="${ANNEX_SOURCES_DIR}/AnnexInterface.mxml"
      locale="en_US" debug="false" use-network="true" static-rsls="false">
      <load-config filename="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks/flex-config.xml"/>
      <runtime-shared-library-path path-element="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks/libs/framework.swc">
      <url rsl-url="${SERVER_PATH}/framework_${FLEX_BUILD}.swz"/>
      <url rsl-url="${SERVER_PATH}/framework_${FLEX_BUILD}.swf"/>
      <compiler.source-path path-element="src"/>
      <compiler.library-path dir="${basedir}" append="true">
      <include name="lib/scrollbar.swc"/>
      <echo>Compile: end</echo>