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    Converting to mobi - Image issues


      I have built an book with art in InDesign that I am trying to get into mobi/Kindle. I have one set of images that are inline smaller line art (all the same object style) and another set that are full page images (different style with page breaks on either side). I have used the same ePub and two different converters with two very different results.

      • If I go through Kindle Previewer the full page ones look amazing and the line art (except for the first one, oddly) are squished.
        • So I changed the CSS max-width to be 100% but then they shift right and clip on the right side (I have also tried removing margins) and style does not have indents
      • If I go through Calibre (with the max-width changes implemented) then the line art is a little smaller than intended but good looking otherwise, not squished or clipped, and the full page art is reduced to a thumbnail.


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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          Ellis home Level 4

          Do your line art images have text wrap applied to them? Have you tried using Object Export Options>Rasterize Container>Custom Layout> Float Left (or right depending on the location of your image)>Size>Relative to Text Size.

          For the full page images I would apply a paragraph style to them and then Paragraph Style Options>Export Tagging>Split Document (EPUB only). Kindle Previewer is a better option than Calibre IMO.

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            kyliek63480041 Level 1


            Thank you for your help.

            I found a work around... I make the bounding box hit the margins. Edit the CSS to the max-width 100% and use Kindle Previewer! And I got it looking pretty good.

            They are anchored images with jump object wrap. I do have those object export settings.


            Thank you so much!