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    Validation problem re: NavTOC in CS6 ID

    chelleshel Level 1

      Hello generous friends.

      Me again, CS6 ID on Mac 10.9.5 for ePub. Will be upgrading to CC in July.

      Can you tell me why my NavTOC is not exporting in a way that validates?

      Here is my error message:

      ERROR: /Users/chelleshel/Desktop/YAJUFullDraft.epub/OEBPS/toc.ncx(51,52): 'toc_marker-6': fragment identifier is not defined in 'OEBPS/YAJUePub-37.xhtml'


      I have three paragraph styles that I am using and one works perfectly, and the other two create this error message for each instance of the p style. I don't see what the difference is.

      This is around a 100 page book that I have organized for export using the Articles panel for order.