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    Customer Service is incapable of handling the situation?


      I am very frustrated with the customer service. It is impossible to get what seems to be a simple situation resolved. About 1 and a half weeks ago I decided to cancel my membership for the creative cloud, since my school has access to the programs. I cancelled my membership and did not realize there was a $70 cancellation fee. I didn't want to be charged. I contacted customer service to stop the cancellation and they did (quickly too) before the invoice actually hit my bank account. And for a few days it was fine, and I decided to keep the subscription since the school year is almost over. Then out of nowhere they charged me $69.97 on march 24th! I got on the support chat and every time they said my case was "escalated". Which I have found to mean nothing, they don't respond threw email like they said or anything, they just through my away my problem. And the thing that really frustrates me is they continue to charge my account for the subscription.....


      Mar 31, 2016   Invoice   US$19.99

      I don't want to cancel my subscription, I just want the cancellation fee refunded since MY ACCOUNT IS STILL ACTIVE... This problem is very annoying! Does anyone know a way to get a hold of someone who can actually resolve this very simple issue?