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    Premier Elements 14: how can I add simple forms (circles, frames, etc.)


      Hi there,


      just purchased Adobe Premier Elements 14 to produce small 5 min video tutorials for my colleagues.


      The project is like this:

      I like to teach colleagues on a certain app to be used on the iPad.

      The films can be easily produced by QuickTime with using the iPad as the camera/video input.


      But I also want to show finger gestures and highlight buttons that have to be pushed.

      Also I like to hightlight infos on the screen. All this is of course not shown in these movs I produce.


      For this I need to insert simple forms such as circles (with e.g. 20 % transparency).


      I already found a page on the adobe help-site (link), where they show exactly the feature that I need.

      But either I am completely blind or the feature does not exist in my version of the programme.


      Has anyone an idea regarding this matter?


      Thanks in advance.