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    Why Does the Animated Composition Not Work in Dreamweaver?

    stephaniek64991887 Level 1

      I've created a simple Canvas HTML 5 slide show in Animate CC 2015 with images, text and embedded links to other web pages in the site where the animation will reside.  When I test the animation in Animate both on the timeline and in a browser from within Animate, all works and looks good. 


      Then I followed the directions in the link below regarding publishing an OAM Package file from Animate.  Next, I followed the rest of the instructions in the link below regarding using Dreamweaver to insert the animation OAM file via the Animated Composition option into an HTML page.  The file does appear to load in the page - showing simply an outline of the file, but either in Live mode in Dreamweaver or testing the web page in a browser from within Dreamweaver, nothing else appears on the page - no images and no animation - just the static outline of the file.


      Please advise.  Thank you.


      Export OAM files from Animate CC for use in Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse | Adobe Dreamweaver CC tutorials