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    When will the "Set Page Boxes" pop-up for cropping get a scroll bar?


      I have this problem after upgrading from Acrobat Pro X to Acrobat Pro XI.

      Therefore, I updated to Acrobat Pro DC recently, but the problem persists.


      I use Acrobat Pro DC on Microsoft Surface with Windows 9 and resolution 1920x1080.

      I updated to the latest version.


      When I select the "Crop" function, the "Set Page Boxes" will pop up.

      However, the lower half of the "Set Page Boxes" pop-up is out of the screen.

      Therefore, the "Set Page Boxes" pop-up needs a scroll bar like the "Print" pop-up.


      I asked a relevant question in the following discussion, but no answer.



      I just wonder is there a plan to add a scroll bar on the "Set Page Boxes" pop-up?

      If so, any expected time?


      Thank you very much.