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    Upgrade a PC: change GPU, HD or RAM???

    jubal44 Level 1



      My editing PC works quite fine, but I´d like to make an upgrade. Since I don´t have a lot of money (arround 500$), I´d like to know what would you upgrade first: GPU, RAM, HD... CPU?


      This is my config:


      Asrock H87M pro4


      16 Gb RAM DDR3

      System HD: Kingston 120gb SSD

      Main HD: Lacie d2 quadra eSATA

      Main HD: Internal 7200rpm 3Tb disk

      GPU: Nvidia GT 630

      Adobe Creative Cloud CC 2015


      I always edit in 1080p timeline. Footage is mainly xavc-s 1080p 50mbit, sometimes 4K 100 mbit. Final render times are quite OK. I´d love to see more responsiveness and speed when editing (not very bad actually). I mainly use premiere and AE.


      I am in a doubt: what to improve first?


      Thanks in advance,